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Inspo Blog: spaceshipgarden
Site Created: 11/25/2022
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Friday, November 25, 2022 - Latest Edit: 1/30/2023
Site Creation

Hi, we're Dylan Nearly. We're a polyfragmented art collective of paraphile critters who do drugs and spend a lot of time thinking about harm reduction and creating new & interesting creative work.

We made this site today to try it out again, and have a center for our Web Activities. We've recently been inspired by Emma Essex's webpage, and wanted to create something simple from a template so that someday we could make something wonderful in our own way. We looked into our inspiration blog, and found a 'indie web' resource masterpost, and located this theme in sadgrl's site, a recreation of the old platform Xanga, which we know next to nothing about, the only thing we know is apparently people enjoyed it, and the theme looks great. A link to the site mentioned is in the footer of this page.